Interesting Tidbits for December 21st through December 22nd

Things worth reading for December 21st through December 22nd:

I m a g i n e >>>> t o m o r r o w: Driving behavior with game dynamics – Very useful piece by David De Boer (who I’m now tracking) on game dynamics. Didn’t hurt that he cites @christydena.

New Poll: Americans Say ‘No Thanks’ to Online Tracking – “NEW YORK ( — Most Americans do not want to be tracked by online advertisers, according to a new Gallup poll released Tuesday.

“Major marketers such as AT&T are increasingly tracking users’ habits on the web so they can better deliver specific ads to specific kinds of people. The practice, known as behavioral targeting, has come under a renewed government scrutiny, specifically by both the Obama administration and the Federal Trade Commission.<br />

“When asked if advertisers should be allowed to match ads to people’s specific interests based on other websites they’ve previously visited, a clear majority of 67% said no, compared with 30% who said yes.”

Community and Context: Thoughts on Closing Comments – Alexis Madrigal – Technology – The Atlantic – Nice post about online community provoked by a contestatory Jaron Lanier post in The Atlantic, surface to my attention by @kathiiberens. NOTE: Jaron Lanier is keynoting #iMediaSummit ‘s Breakthrough event in March.

“This afternoon, several of our readers questioned our decision to close the comment thread on Jaron Lanier’s post about WikiLeaks, “The Hazards of Nerd Supremacy.” The discussion transformed into an extended Twitter conversation with some of my favorite writers, professors, and readers about the ethics and strategy of that decision. I’d like to walk through my thinking with you all here.”

What Facebook Has in Store for Its ‘Places’ and ‘Deals’ Features – The eMarketer Blog – Nice interview with Noah and Emily White about Facebook moving into Foursquare and Groupon territory.

MediaPost Publications Time-Shifted Viewers Still Watch Commercials 12/22/2010 – “Time was that DVRs were going to destroy TV’s ad-supported model. But a new Nielsen report shows viewers watch a notable amount of commercials that they could zap, which is helping increase C3 ratings, the industry currency.

“The research shows that C3 ratings rise 16%, thanks to people watching commercials while using a DVR. That data is for 18- to-49-year-olds for ABC, CBS, CW, Fox and NBC combined.”

YouTube – Candlelight – The Maccabeats – Hanukkah – Fascinating meta-cover or a cover, with Taio Cruz coming first with “Dynamite” and then Mike Thompkins’ celebrated a capella cover of it that got play on YouTube and TV. Here we have a Hanukkah themed one… very interesting and well worth a look.

Technolog – ‘Open’ Internet just a pipe dream – Nice overview by Wilson Rothman about why Net Neutrality matters.

How not to go crazy traveling with young children – Boing Boing – For any parent who has traveled with a small child, this is a must read.

FCC Gives Government Power to Regulate Web Traffic – – “The rules would allow phone and cable companies to offer faster, priority delivery services to Internet companies willing to pay extra. But the FCC proposal contains language suggesting the agency would try to discourage creation of such high-speed toll lanes.

“Companies that operate mobile wireless networks would have fewer rules to contend with. Phone companies wouldn’t be able to block legal websites from consumers. They also can’t block mobile voice or video-conferencing applications. Wireless providers would be allowed to block other applications, however, that they say could take up too much bandwidth on wireless networks.”

After Critiquing Facebook, Google Researcher Paul Adams Joins It – Interesting… the Google Brain Drain continues…

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