“Future Tweets: Amazon knocks out Ticketmaster” now live on Medium

My latest Medium post — “Future Tweets: Amazon knocks out Ticketmaster” just went live on Medium.  Here are the first few paragraphs:

After my eight year old son accidentally set the clock on my computer forward things got weird on Twitter. Tweets had the time signature from 2019 complete with links, but when I clicked they didn’t go anywhere.

One caught my eye immediately:

“Amazon knocks out Ticketmaster. Longtime entertainment company files Chapter 11.”

Could this Future Tweet be true? Some quick searching proved that my computer was indeed having problems, as Ticketmaster is still in business. But the more I thought about it, the more logical it sounded.


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New piece on Medium: “The Next Airline Disruption”

I just uploaded a new piece to Medium.com about how the airline industry can practice innovation through simplification.


Here’s how a savvy airline can disrupt the rest of the industry: create a secondary market in airline tickets that allows customers to buy and sell tickets to each other with no fees.


Need to change a flight? You’d simply log onto the airline’s website and click either the “change your trip” option (the current model) or the new “sell your ticket” option and crowdsource finding a buyer for the ticket you can’t use.


Technologically speaking this is trivial. eBay or Amazon or CraigsList could handle it easily, as could Travelocity or Kayak or Priceline.

Read the whole thing here.