Interesting Tidbits from around the web for November 15th through November 16th

These are my links for November 15th through November 16th:

  • Meebo to Announce Content Sharing Bar | Liz Gannes | NetworkEffect | AllThingsD – “Meebo on Tuesday plans to announce an update to its popular Meebo Bar (which is used on this Web site, and many others, to make it easier for users to share content). The goal is to help users discover new Web sites (kind of like StumbleUpon) and become loyal to them by using a check-in system (kind of like a virtual Foursquare).” Interesting idea, but I don’t think this actually equates to presence or eventness… just another sort of loyalty index. Isn’t one part of FourSquare-like checking in at least the PROMISE that you’ll run into somebody you know in the flesh? This doesn’t have that.
  • / Technology – Facebook expands into e-mail – More reporterly details on the announcement by Facebook about their new email service. (The other link is a user’s impressions.) Methinks this might reduce time on site…
  • Morgan Stanley’s Net `Queen’ Meeker Sees Mobile-Web Boom – Bloomberg – “Mary Meeker will predict a $50 billion online advertising boom in an address at the annual Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco today. The Morgan Stanley analyst will say as well that mobile commerce may gain market share faster than traditional online retailing.” This seems more like a build on her much-repeated last year’s prediction that we’ll see more smart phones than PCs by 2013– but that $50B number sure is alluring.
  • First Look: Facebook Messages adds email | Tech Blog: Insights on the tech industry | – FT has a nice rundown on the pros and cons of the new Facebook email.
  • HEARD ON THE STREET: Facebook Pokes Yahoo and AOL – – WSJ on the new Facebook email– and don’t miss the infographic!<br />
    <br />
    “Indeed, both AOL and Yahoo have in recent weeks unveiled revamps to their email services that do something similar to Facebook’s new messaging offering—namely, seamlessly integrate multiple digital communications, such as texting, instant messaging, regular email and social-networking feeds.”
  • Creating a Cohesive Online Publication in the Age of the Link – Alexis Madrigal – Technology – The Atlantic – “I have a theory (more like a hypothesis) that the print brands created during the 20th century are special. They reached a level of national awareness and cohesion that I don’t think will be equaled. A simpler way to put this: they knew what they did and so did everyone else. Even when they go online, they are trusted and known in ways that other sites — even well-funded, high-profile ones — can’t match. ”  And why haven’t I ever heard of
  • Comcast Unveils iPad App – – “Comcast Corp. unveiled an application for Apple Inc.’s iPad that allows its customers to watch videos, program their digital video recorders and more, as pay-television providers look to keep eyeballs on their offerings, whether in the home or not.”