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Video of me onstage

Wearables: In May of 2015 I spoke on wearables at Nordiske Medie Dager (the Nordic Media Festival), one of only a handful of single speaker presentations:

You can also see an entertaining post-talk interview with me here.

And here’s what Guri Hefty, Director of the Nordic Media Festival, said about my talk:

Brad Berens is such a great speaker and was a wonderful contribution to the Nordic Media Festival this year. He´s spot on the topic, engaging, funny, knowledgeable and his session on Wearables was highly appreciated by our delegates. We hope to be able to welcome him back to Bergen one day.

The Shakespeare Strategy: I’m working on a book about Shakespeare as a business genius, and I talked about this at TEDx Bergen in the fall of 2014:

Where have I spoken?

In addition to presentations at conferences like (in alphabetical order) ad:tech, BrandInnovators, the Business Marketing Association, CES, the CMO Collective, the Digital Collective, Digital Hollywood and iMedia, I’ve given invited talks at Anheuser-Busch, Google, Yahoo!, Red Bull, Paramount Pictures, the IPG Media Lab, TV2 in Norway, USC’s Annenberg School and College of Letters, Arts & Sciences, the University of Notre Dame, the Boston Ad Club, the e-Voter Institute, the National Communications Association, U.C. Berkeley and elsewhere. I’m also a mentor at PIE (The Portland Incubator Experiment), the Nike+ Accelerator and other incubators where I speak frequently.

Topics I speak about

  • Innovation
  • Changing audience and customer behavior
  • Disruptive technology trends
  • Shakespeare as a business innovator
  • Digital marketing and advertising

What people say about me onstage…

It’s hard to talk about what I’m like onstage, but fortunately other folks have said it for me.

Here’s what Katharine Panessidi, VP of Content and Events for the Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Exchange, producer of the annual FutureM (Future of Marketing) event said about a talk I gave in October of 2015:

Brad Berens uniquely combined timeless aspects of storytelling with sharpest-edge technology trends in his FutureM talk. I truly appreciated how he customized the presentation to include Boston-area examples and to weave in what the previous speakers throughout the conference had discussed. He is a fantastic and impactful speaker, and I’m not the only one who thought so. Some of our attendees described Brad as “inspirational and very thought provoking,” “too short” (I never hear this), and “the most thought-provoking presentation of the conference.” I hope Brad got out as much as he put into his terrific presentation.

Here’s a comment from Ari Popper, CEO of SciFutures, about a talk I gave in August of 2013:

SciFutures recently hired Brad to kick off a series of presentations at an offsite summit for our CPG client.  Brad is an outstanding speaker– he is engaging and funny, but most importantly he has a brilliant ability to help his audience comprehend the challenges and opportunities of these fast moving times that we live in.  Brad’s gift is that he makes complex issues easy to understand and he provides his audience with a concrete road map to leverage these opportunities.  He is highly recommended and we will definitely be hiring him again.

Kevin Doohan, Director of Digital Marketing for Red Bull, had this to say:

I’ve always considered Brad’s advice kind of a digital marketing ‘secret weapon.’ His knowledge of the space and of where we are headed is insightful and valuable. That said, Brad’s advice isn’t for geeks only. I engaged Brad to create ad:tech custom sessions for the brand marketing teams at ConAgra Foods when I was there and, more recently, to speak with the Red Bull marketing team at our headquarters about digital trends for Red Bull key consumers. Brad delivered brilliantly. Both sessions exceeded my high expectations. The sessions helped our newly-inspired and informed marketers deliver better outcomes than ever.

Carol Phillips, President of Brand Amplitude and also an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the University of Notre Dame said this about a recent talk:

“Brad Berens’ keynote speech ‘The Big Trends of Social Media’ at the Notre Dame Marketing Symposium in March 2010 managed the neat trick of being both be meaty and mesmerizing. Packed with startling facts and insightful anecdotes, Brad’s remarks provoked thoughtful discussion and provided the right frame for the rest of the symposium. Everyone remembered his concept of importance of ‘social friction’ and why it matters long after the conference ended.”

At an iMedia Brand Summit, Tim Murphy of Anheuser-Busch Digital Marketing said this about an internal talk I gave at the brewer’s St. Louis HQ to help sell interactive within the marketing department:

“We had our own Summit, and, in fact, Brad Berens came in… and we had 10 or 11 speakers. That’s what triggered it for us. Brad was presenting, and the CMO turned around [to ask], ‘Murph, can we do that? Can we do that?’ If you can bring in some outside speakers to validate what you’re doing, it will help tremendously, because that’s what set us off… It was enlightening for our management. We’re talking with them for months, and then within two hours after Brad’s presentation, it was over. It was great.”