Short Post: ToodleDo printing woes…

Oh ToodleDo, Oh ToodleDo, you know I love you for your sensuous tagging and sorting, for your alluring ease of task capture, and for your promiscuous spreading of my tasks across the cloud to computer, laptop, tablet and smart phone alike– you saucy service, you.  I’ve trumpeted about my love for you here, and verily hath been the apostle unto the worthy and — lo! — the unworthy too about thy glory.

But why can’t I print out today’s tasks easily?

Why, oh why, ToodleDo, must I print out the entire first page of my tasks — and forsooth, ’tis a mighty list that spans many pages like a colossus in the desert — and then take to my hand a metal scissors like unto that which I first used in kindergarten and snip snip snip?

Why must I trim the paper like my great-great-grandfather did the Tsar’s trousers before the Tsar kicked my family out of Russia with less singing and more torture than in “Fiddler on the Roof”?

Why can’t this be easier?

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